1500W Pure Sine

Manufacturer : Analytic Systems

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 'Pure Sine Wave' 120 VAC / 60 Hz fully regulated output, exactly the same as household AC
 Ultra-quiet low EMI design 
 Extra heavy input filtering to eliminate interference with other equipment sharing the same batteries 
 Crystal-controlled for precise frequency (±0.01 Hz) 
 State-of-the-art MosFet technology and unique "Soft-Start" circuitry for reliable operation 
 Short Circuit Protection 
 Current Limiting 
 Overload Protected 
 Illuminated ON-OFF switch for positive indication of proper operation
 Over-temperature protected 
 Low voltage warning and shutdown circuitry to protect the batteries
 Transformer-type output to protect computers and other sensitive equipment from surges and spikes 
 Over voltage and over temperature warning and shutdown circuitry to protect the inverter 
 Thermostatically controlled fan
 One or two AC receptacles for easy connection of up to four devices
 Isolated input for positive or negative ground operation 
 Diagnostic LEDs and Audible Alarm 


 Remote Control Panel
 Line Detect and AutoSwitch for operation as an 'off-line' UPS option
 Ruggedization against shock and vibration
 Fork Lift Modification
 Conformal Coating
 Extra wide Temperature Range -40°C to +40°C

1500W Pure Sine

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